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Clifton & Union Tooth Extractions

Gentle & Attentive Care

At Access Dental, we work hard to preserve your natural teeth as best we can. However, there are occasions when an extraction might be necessary. If this is the case, our skilled and compassionate team is by your side to walk you through the procedure and offer options for next steps, always making sure you fully understand your choices before opting to remove the tooth. Our experienced dentists offer our tooth extraction services to patients in Clifton, Union, and the surrounding areas.

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Reasons a Tooth Might Need to Be Pulled

No one wants to hear that they need a tooth removed, but there are cases where an extraction will offer greater oral health and longevity in the long run. Our specialists are not only experts at gentle tooth removal, but also offer dental bridges as well as implants, so you never have to suffer through a gap in your smile for long.

Your tooth may need to be removed if:

  • Your wisdom teeth are coming in crooked, or there is not enough room for them
  • A tooth is split or cracked so deeply that cosmetic repairs would be ineffective
  • A toothache begins to radiate through the gum or is causing swelling in the jaw
  • The root of a tooth has become infected

Our team is proud to be available when you need us most, which is why if you are in pain, we offer same-day appointments to remedy the issue as soon as possible. Because extractions can vary based on how accessible and damaged the tooth is, recovery time and healing also varies. However, we want you to feel as comfortable and prepared as possible, so we make sure to walk you through what to expect from your specific tooth removal. With over 15 years of service under our belts, Access Dental has developed a reputation for procedures performed with integrity, excellence, and compassion—and we are ready to assist you in your upcoming tooth extraction. For your convenience, we offer tooth extractions in both Clifton and Union.

Our skilled dentist is available for same-day exams. Call us today at (973) 358-6266 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment for one of our general dental procedures.

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